On or about 1/12/2009 3:58 PM, HeavyDuty typed the following:
> Alwil Avast 4.8
> Seamonkey 1.1.14
> XP-Pro SP3.
> I had to uninstall Avast AV 4.8 and reinstall it.
> As a result of this activity, three changes happened to Seamonkey. 1)
> ALL my stored passwords disappeared; 2) ALL my stored and perpetual
> cookies disappeared; 3) My SSL settings were reset to give all warnings.
> Riddle me that? What does Avast have to do with Seamonkey (and why/how
> could it make those changes)?
> I was able to restore passwords/cookies by pulling up last night's
> backup for the xxxxxx.s file, rename the current file, rename the
> restored file with the current .s file name. All was returned to normal.

Since I'm using Avast 4.8 SM 1.1.14 and Windows 5.1 (XP-Pro) Service
Pack 3 also and having none of the above programs, I would look
elsewhere for a solution.  It's not a Avast or SeaMonkey problem.

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