HeavyDuty wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 01/12/09 18:26, BeeNeR wrote:
On or about 1/12/2009 3:58 PM, HeavyDuty typed the following:
Alwil Avast 4.8
Seamonkey 1.1.14
XP-Pro SP3.

I had to uninstall Avast AV 4.8 and reinstall it.
As a result of this activity, three changes happened to Seamonkey. 1)
ALL my stored passwords disappeared; 2) ALL my stored and perpetual
cookies disappeared; 3) My SSL settings were reset to give all warnings.

Riddle me that? What does Avast have to do with Seamonkey (and why/how
could it make those changes)?

I was able to restore passwords/cookies by pulling up last night's
backup for the xxxxxx.s file, rename the current file, rename the
restored file with the current .s file name. All was returned to normal.
Since I'm using Avast 4.8 SM 1.1.14 and Windows 5.1 (XP-Pro) Service
Pack 3 also and having none of the above programs, I would look
elsewhere for a solution.  It's not a Avast or SeaMonkey problem.

Since you're using SeaMonkey and don't see the problem, it can't be a
problem with SeaMonkey?

Right. That's what I meant by "anecdotal." If it does not happen to you, it can't be happening to anyone else. Very poor science and illogical. Mr. Spock would be disappointed.
This is not fair. Some problems have been experienced by several users, so it is possible to better assess their causes. In the case of a problem like yours, it sounds logical to go to what appears to be the most probable causes first. Then, if the problem is not solved, people have to make educated guesses, try to get more precise information from the poster who sometimes feels offended. But often, useful info comes from facts the OP in good faith, did not think he should have mentionend.

And in other cases, we have to hope the answer will come from unexpected places.

Nothing to get offended about.

John Doue
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