Ray_Net wrote:
When i am under SM News view I have :
1. NEWSatSCARLET - OK with some newsgroups
2. news.mozilla.org - OK with some newsgroups
3. news ?? without newsgroups
4. a fantom news server not shown

When i look in my SM profile(i have only one)
under the "News" directory...

- a1. news.scarlet.be.msf
- a2. news.scarlet.be.rc
- a3. news.scarlet.nl.rc
- a4. a directory "news.scarlet.be" containing hostinfo.dat, msgFilterRules.dat and for each group a .dat and a .msf file

- b1. news.mozilla.org.msf
- b2. news.mozilla.org.rc
- b3. a directory "news.mozilla.org" containing hostinfo.dat, msgFilterRules.dat and for each group a .dat and a .msf file
and a non-present under SM-News view a <group>.dat and the same <group>.msf

- c1. news.msf
- c2. news.rc
- c3. a directory "news" containing only msgFilterRules.dat

- d1. an empty directory "news-1"

I think that:
a1-a4 are related with 1.
b1-b3 are related with 2.
c1-c3 are related with 3.
d1 related with nothing(4.)

To clean the news stuff may i:
- delete the two files <group>.dat and the same <group>.msf (see b3)
- delete the file under a3
- delete the empty directory under d1
- Select "news" when under SM News view
 then delete all the files and directories found under c1,c2 and c3

Please advice ...

when you delete all these files, you do so with the program closed, right?

If you do, then look in the prefs.js file and find the "fantom" lines, and remove those, too. There'll be a number of them, and they all have to be removed.

This is a known problem. One way it happens is, for example, when you're in the mozilla newsgroups, and you click on a new newsgroup link, whether in a news message, or a mail message, or a browser link, and instead of going to the scarlet server, it starts a new one -- the fantom one.

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