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On 01/15/2009 04:56 PM, Henry wrote:
If people are replying to me, their replys are not getting through. When I download the NG it shows the number of messages. When I click on the NG some of the messages disappear. If you have replied via the NG, please reply via my email address.


Your message got through... However I don't see that anyone has
responded so far. Given that this is a SeaMonkey NG, perhaps nobody
knows the answer to your problem?

sorry to say, but someone HAS replied, and I've made a complaint about this problem here:

and nobody has given an answer.

So far my reply to this message 4 hours ago, still hasn't shown up.

well, its over 16 hours and this posting of mine still hasn't shown up.

And still the Moz "powers to be" have refused to explained whats going on.

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