Rick Merrill wrote:
Sometimes an email address fails for one reason or another.
This is not a problem if you have a single addressee but if
one of many addresses fails it's nice to know which one had
the problem.

In email the client says:
RCPT TO:<u...@baddomain.com>
the server replies:
550 No such domain
So the client can see immediately the incorrect address.
But the SM email client doesn't display the result to the user.

Is there any way to access the "RCPT' message in SM?
In other words, is there a way to create & examine "a session log"?

- Rick

this isn't a message from SM but rather from the sending server. And the message only tells you which address, in this case u...@baddomain.com, is bad, cause there is no such domain as baddomain.com.

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