Rick Merrill wrote:
Henry wrote:

Sorry to post here but I can't get post to Mozilla NG.

I'm running Mozilla and agent switcher 0.6.10 set to Firefox on WinXP Pro.

When I go to Comcast home page, I can log in OK, but when I click on email it goes to Smartzone, but Smartzone doesn't load, it just sits and looks a me. Everything works with IE6. Any one else having this problem. Comcast doesn't support Mozilla as we all know, so the guy there said "too bad" use IE.



Did you try the server
and the group
news.motzarella.org works fine.  I've been using it for some time now.
I'll try posting to alt.online-service.comcast for a solution.

I'm having trouble getting to Comcast Smartzone, which isn't a NG but their email program.

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