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Under Moz 1.7.13 I am able to have my mail account (eg john doe <> and one for my wife (jane doe <>. I had a message filter set up that would use her friends addresses and move her mail from my inbox mail to her inbox. She was able to reply, forward the message or compose as she wished and the email would show her name as the sender. Using SM, if she does a compose, the email will have her name as the sender, but if she does a reply or forward, it will put my name as the sender. I have not been able to locate what or how I can make this correction. I know that she
could choose her name from the drop down list but she is not very
computer savvy and I want to make things easy for her. Currently I have
her sign on using Moz and everything works fine and I can use SM and be
able to access mail and/or internet. Since Moz and SM use the same files (about:config, etc) I am unable to determine what if anything can be changed.

Hopefully this all makes sense to someone and a easy fix is available.

It's a little late, but I would have suggested that you use a whole separate profile for her. Then create a seamonkey icon for her on the desktop which forces use of "her" profile. I can't tell you exactly how to do that in Windows, only that it can be done, and then she could have here own copy.

You also should not have used a filer, having a 2nd account to pull only her mail would have been better.

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