»Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo« wrote:
gNeandr wrote:
 »Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo« wrote:
gNeandr wrote:
Just checked SM 1.1.14 with customizing toolbar buttons as they are usual with FX or TB. But didn't found how to customizethem. There seems to exists only a collection of 'standard' options, but no way to add buttons offered with extension like in TB/FX.
What do I miss here?

Hmm Peter,
unlike FF/TB, SM can't customize toolbar buttons?

is it: yes SM can
or: no only TB/FX can.

The question mark makes it unclear ,  sorry

what!? You've never made an error? Take it out -- "SM can't customize toolbar buttons"

Sorry, no only my computer sometimes does other things than I think ... seems to be a poor interface .. only question at which side 8-) .

Yes, I thought it has to be the solution without the '?' ...
... nice weekend :-)
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