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Tom Coradeschi wrote:
 COMCAST does not allow outgoing SMTP traffic on port 25.

 If your SMTP host is set up to accept connections on port 587, they will
 allow that. Set your SMTP host configuration to be the same is it is
 when you are on your normal network (same hostname, login if required,

 If your SMTP host is NOT set up to accept connections on 587, you will
 need to use COMCAST's SMTP connection ( and
 authenticate yourself to that server either with your friend's
 credentials or, if you can have him/her do so for you, with a secondary
 account they have set up on your behalf.
Thanks for that information. How did you come to learn this
valuable piece of information?

Sorta the hard way. Comcast sent me an email telling me that they were blocking my port 25 SMTP access because my computer was sending out spam and was likely infected with a virus (of course, they couldn't tell me what virus might infect a computer running Mac OSX in such a manner, but they were insistent that it was all my fault). And the people I buy my mail and other services from don't do the port 587 thing, so I had to set up my mail clients (I use Eudora, my wife is the Seamonkey user in the family) to route outgoing mail thru comcast's servers.

tom coradeschi
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