Bengt-Erik Soderstrom wrote:
I have the same problem, but in my case Cool Iris crashes my later windows builds of Firefox. I suggest you do as I did, report this to the Cool Iris people. When en extension contains binaries, which CI does, it is unlikely that Mozilla is to blame.
I solved my immediate problems by uninstalling Cool Iris.

ST wrote:

I updated to the latest version of cooliris, and found that it would
completely crash my Seamonkey 1.1.14. It would load a preview, but
if I tried to click on one of the arrow buttons on the top bar I would
have and Appcrash and Seamonkey would close down.

I went back to an older version and it works fine?!

Anyone else have this problem?




Thanks for the reply. I removed the latest version of cooliris and installed an older version and all is well once more.

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