Stanimir Stamenkov wrote:
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 19:22:45 -0800, /flyguy/: For this site, the icon in the bookmark side bar expands horizontally the entire width of the bookmark side bar, about 2 inches.

Meanwhile we wait for SeaMonkey 2.0 you could help yourself by placing the following rule in your "userChrome.css": You could apply the given rule using the Stylish <> extension, also.

Note this rule seems to only crop the image. May be someone could come up with a better one to actually resize it (like it appears on the Personal Bookmarks bar).

thanks Stan. If anyone is really desperate and can't wait for SM2, then try asking the good folks at: They've been good to be on many occasions. Or, look around Maybe someone has already done it, or maybe another style will give you clues on how to do it.

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