On 2/4/2009 8:17 PM, flyguy wrote:
> flyguy wrote:
>> I'm setting up a new XP Pro computer. Foxit Reader is set as my default 
>> pdf reader, and set to open outside the browser. IE 7 uses Foxit Reader 
>> for opening pdf files, but Seamonkey 1.1.14 uses Adobe Reader. In 
>> Seamonkey's Preferences|Navigator|Helper applications, I've set the PDF 
>> helper to use Foxit, but Adobe Reader still opens; setting it to use the 
>> Default application still brings up Adobe Reader.
>> There is something odd: when SM opens Adobe Reader outside the browser, 
>> Adobe seems to work fine. But, the window that had the pdf link in SM 
>> monkey isn't refreshing properly: whatever opens or is dragged across it 
>> leaves a trail of images. Using the "back" button will return to the 
>> page the link was on, and the display acts properly.
>> Seamonkey is using a profile from my previous XP Home computer. 
>> Everything else seems to work well. The old computer and the new one 
>> have the same preference settings (it's on the next desk, so it's easy 
>> to check).
> I "fixed" it by removing Adobe Reader from my machine. Now Foxit opens 
> instead, and all is well. If I need Adobe Reader, I'll try installing it 
> again and hope it works properly; frankly, I'm so pleased with Foxit 
> (love it's commenting and markup tools), I probably won't want or need it.

Try the following:

1.  Remove both Foxit and Adobe Reader.

2.  Install Adobe Reader.

3.  Install Foxit.

I had a similar problem involving Adobe Reader and Acrobat (the writer).
 The writer was being used by Mozilla instead of the reader (way back
before SeaMonkey and when Adobe Reader was called Acrobat Reader).  I
found that the sequence in which they were installed made a big


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