Using 1.1.13.

I find myself confronted to an apparent mystery.

At some point in time, I installed Linux on my machine while dual booting with XP.

I used the same Seamonkey profile, both in Linux and XP (thanks for not commenting this was unwise ...!). My Mail directory (which is not located in my profile directory but elsewhere) was shared. In other word, whether I booted Linux or XP made no difference in my use of Seamonkey.

Now, I have given up using Linux months and months ago and removed all traces of Linux partitions on my machine.

I recently realized that my prefs.js file still have reference to my Linux install, like for instance:

user_pref("", "[ProfD]Mail/Local Folders");

Where ProfD is (was) the name under Linux where my mail is stored.

The problem is, I removed all references to Linux from my prefs.js file, but they get recreated each time I launch SM. I tried creating a new profile, same thing happens as soon as I create a dummy mail account.

Where can possibly SM gets this reference from? I searched the registry, nada.
John Doue
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