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> u...@domain.invalid wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My imap server is at mail.servername.com, while my username is 
>> myn...@servername.com.
>> If I try to set my username as myn...@servername.com in thunderbird 
>> while setting up an imap account, it automatically appends the imap 
>> server to it, which makes the username become 
>> myn...@servername.com@mail.servername.com.
>> If I just enter my username, thunderbird turns the username into 
>> myn...@mail.servername.com, which isn't the user name my server accepts.

I use SeaMonkey 1.1.13 on Linux and Windows (actually, I've been using
it since 1.0.4, I think) and have an IMAP server. My IMAP server name
is mail.mehconsulting.com and I'm able to provide my user name without
any intervention from SeaMonkey at all.

Perhaps there's a setting somewhere which causes SeaMonkey to append
the server name onto the user name, but I'm not aware of it.

Sorry I don't have a solution, but just wanted to let you know how
it's working for me.

>> His there some way to override thunderbird 'helping' my by completing 
>> the username? If it just accepted only what I entered it'd be fine.
>> Thanks in advance for any help!
> Sorry I wrote thunderbird but it's the same with SeaMonkey..
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