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I have Yahoo pop email with 1.1.14. I have my email set up so that the email list is in the top window and a 'viewing' window is below. In the past, when I clicked once on an email it would load in the viewing window below. Now, most of the time but not always, when I just click
once on an email it will bring up a new window that displays the email?!

Also, when I use the <cntrl> key to highlight a list of emails to delete, a window will frequently pop up telling me that loading that
number of emails to view will take time?!

These things are new, so I'm wondering if I've messed up some setting?
Also, I use Mnenhy, if that would be a factor.



no they're not new. It could be a mouse problem. Perhaps when you click one, the mouse actually clicks twice. I've had issues like that before.

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