nr wrote:
On Feb 19, 7:25 pm, nr <> wrote:
When I attempt to send an email note I get a box that looks like:

Server Certificate Expired

"localhost" is a site that uses a security certificate to encrypt data
during transmission, but its certificate expired on 2004/03/06 11:10

This just started happening and is a real pain.  I'm using 1.1.14 on
Windows XP SP3.  Any suggestions to correct this problem?

Thanks for any help.

A followup:

I spoke with my ISP (Charter) hoping they'd be able to help, but no
such luck.

I did notice that in my Mail and Newsgroup Setting box for SMTP Server
the Use secure connection: was set to 'TLS, if available.'  I changed
this to 'No' and could send emails without the Server Certificate
Expired box appearing.

Can I get a replacement for the localhosts certificate, or edit it to
correct the date?

"localhost" ??? The mail server you use is on your pc ?

Or may be the trouble came from the fact that you specify a "secure connection" and tha mail server of your ISP did not use this method.
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