Martin Feitag wrote:
Marisa Ciceran schrieb:
This is probably an elementary question that was resolved
before, but I just got here and don't see it being addressed.

I have SM 1.1.14 installed now and haverepeatedly tried to manually
delete the accumulating list of files that I downloaded with SeaMonkey
Download Manager, and that effort always fails. I can do it invidually
for the most recent files I've downloaded, but it otherwise freezes up
the program instead. At the very beginning of the list is a long
sequence of total blanks, so my guess is that something is corrupted.

Meanwhile, the list has gotten very bloated and is probabably
responsible for the arduously slow downloads that I can make these days.

Can anyone tell me the name of the file that saves the listing of
downloads? Is there a way to just delete that file and restart that
downloader? Obviously, I haven't deleted the entire SM installation to
avoid losing my other settings for the installed program.

Thank you for your anticipated help.


Open your Profile-Directory and delete the downloads.rdf


Mikey and Martin,

Thank you for your help. The solution was as simple as that!


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