u...@domain.invalid wrote:
I have a large Mail map of 3.9GB whereof the Inbox is 2.3GB. This is
located on a FAT32 file system.

The problem is that the index file doesn't update automatically at
incoming new mails. Trying to view new mails lists wrong text content
for some several years old messages.

Selecting Inbox > Properties > Rebuild Index updates the index file
temporary until new incoming mails are received.

Suggestions how to fix this update index file problem?


Have you tried telling SeaMonkey to File|Compact Files? When you delete an email, it is not really deleted, just marked for deletion. When you Compact the file, it is actually deleted.

Can you change your properties so that you are not "u...@domain.invalid" so that we can distinguish you from all the other "u...@domain.invalid"'s that appear here. Thanks.

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