On some site I've a link to a videostream that pops up the "Opening 
(filename)" box, where I can choose between the default application, a 
custom one or saving to disk.

Entering /usr/bin/vlc works as expected: VLC starts and plays the stream. 
Now, I would like to pass some command-line arguments to VLC.

Adding anything to the path (like some mailcap syntax "/usr/bin/vlc %s 
...") brings me the error message "The app. could not be found". So I 
tried to make some wrapper script, e.g. I enter /home/jdoe/bin/foo in 
the box, and this script reads:
/usr/bin/vlc "$@"
but to no avail. To find how SM passes arguments, I also tried this 
echo "$@" > /home/jdoe/foobar
but foobar is not created.

As a sidenote, I also launched SM from a terminaal in the hope of getting 
some error message, but again got nothing.

Any help will be appreciated.

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