Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> Leonidas Jones wrote:
>>> terje wrote:
> ........... Big snip. ..................
> and introducing an OFF TOPIC thread drift question
>>> Basically, do not use Inbox as a long term repository for stored email.
>>> If you need to keep email, store it in archive folders.
>>> Lee
>> I would have to disagree with you on that Lee.  That might have been a
>> problem in the old Netscape days, but its not now. I've had stuff in
>> my inbox for years, and never had a problem.  Then again, my inbox
>> isn't over 2 gigs big either. But I do have other folders that are
>> about that big and still don't have problems.
> To: Terje and Peter
> Are there any reasons why you are maintaining such a large Inbox,
> with such a large collection of, what must be, an arbitrary mixture
> of messages, rather than as Lee and common sense logic would advise,
> classifying the messages by some criterion and moving them into
> separate folders.
> A simple criterion might be by date! : Old-inbox-1998, Old-inbox-1999,
> ... etc.

Both at home and on work I build up the Inbox (and Sent) as a mail
correspondense archieve and knowledge database. That is keep messages
and correspondence that may be of my future interest. Of course other
things are deleted and cleaned up. Attachments (especially the large
ones) are archieved in other project archieves or other places outside
the Inbox. Larger projects may go over several years. Finding
interesting web pages searhing the web (articles etc) it's easy to right
click and Send Page (link) to myself. Such use the mail system as a long
term bookmark archieve. And I also use the mail as an appointment
reminder for myself this way.

The main reason is the mail system is easy to filter and search through.
By the end of the month, it's easy to find what has happened on each
project, or search for an old message several years back. Now it looks
like I have to split the Inbox in subfolders or some archieve, but I
haven't seen if the filter and search function works for more than one
folder a time.

The Novell GroupWise mail server we now use on job, has a very fast full
text index search and also offer webaccess client. Beside this we are
planning to use team...@conferencsing. But SM still can be used as an
IMAP mail client  frontend beside and has still some benefits.

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