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and introducing an OFF TOPIC thread drift question

Basically, do not use Inbox as a long term repository for stored email.
If you need to keep email, store it in archive folders.


I would have to disagree with you on that Lee. That might have been a
problem in the old Netscape days, but its not now. I've had stuff in
my inbox for years, and never had a problem. Then again, my inbox
isn't over 2 gigs big either. But I do have other folders that are
about that big and still don't have problems.

To: Terje and Peter
Are there any reasons why you are maintaining such a large Inbox,
with such a large collection of, what must be, an arbitrary mixture
of messages, rather than as Lee and common sense logic would advise,
classifying the messages by some criterion and moving them into
separate folders.
A simple criterion might be by date! : Old-inbox-1998, Old-inbox-1999,
... etc.

what Lee has pointed out is old stuff. Inboxes has come a long way since
then. Having messages in your inbox does not cause any harm. The only
thing one must keep an eye on is compacting and size limit. Otherwise,
there is no other harm.

I am obviously not being clear here.

I never intended to say that keeping mail for a long time in the Inbox was a problem. Its the volume of the mail that degrades performance.

I never allow mail to build up like that in my Inboxes. The largest POP inbox I have is about 80 MB, mostly html newsletters and things like that.

Last year my wife was having some serious problems with mail performance, and I discovered that her inbox had built up over 2 GB. I did the OldInbox thing and all was well. Again though, its not the age of the mail, its the size of the file.

I usually let my folders load up to something between 1000-1200 messages and move them into a new folder named Old Inbox II or Old Inbox III, etc. I checked the folder sizes the other day, and the largest moved folder I have only managed to come up to 621 Mb. That was an original Inbox, allowed to get to 2290 messages before I decided to move it!

So, unless most of your In or Out messages contain unusually heavy content, consistently, you can see how far off that folder size limitation you are!

My current Inbox contains only 518, and goes back to December of '08.

Also, I DO move 'incoming' to one of my other IN folders, as I have 14 of 'em!

A thought comes up...most of those are kept only for their old address content, of folks I no longer actively contact, but might want to sometime. Uh huh...on the other hand, they haven't contacted ME either, so...why am I saving them?

Hmmmm. I may have some empty folders available soon!  :-D

keith whaley

When I referred to not using the Inbox as a long term repository, my intent was to suggest the amount of mail should be kept down. You can have mail dating back 5 years if you want to. Why someone would want to is another issue, but we all have our unique ways of doing things.


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