Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
jim wrote:
To Whom it may concern.Would it be possible for News
groups to give some indication re Above Please.  jim

Would it be possible for you to give some indiction of what exactly is the problem? "inserts or attaches are No go" means nothing.

Jim check out this site:

These ground rules to the Mozilla Newsgroups

In particular:

Do not send binary attachments, including screen shots, and especially including screen shots of textual dialog boxes. Many people read these messages through slow network connections; try to be respectful of them. If you have a large file that you would like to distribute, put it on a Web page and announce the URL instead of attaching it. The only exception is


Keep in mind that not everyone uses mail or news readers that can easily display HTML messages. Consequently, you will reach a larger audience if you post in plain-text. Many people simply ignore HTML messages, because it takes a nontrivial amount of effort to read them. HTML posts in are allowed.

You cannot insert an image or attach an image. Out of respect to others, post using plain text not html.

Hope this helps.


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