jim wrote:
TRo Whom it may concern.Would it be possible for News groups to give some indication re Above. jim

Most newsgroups (like this one) are text only groups and binaries are not allowed. The FAQ (sometimes published in groups) or the guidelines for the group (as in this case) will also tell you.

You can alway just ask in the specific group.

If you attempt to send an attachment or image (inline) that is too large you will get an error message. Groups that accept binaries have an upper limit of 1MB for attachments/images, so you might have to break large ones down to multiple parts to send them.

This specific group has a server side limit of less than 50KB and images/binaries are not allowed. The only exception to this rule is the mozilla.support.screenshots group, which is moderated.

Google groups cant see images, so you cant post images from there.
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