flyguy wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
flyguy wrote:
After installing ZA Extreme Security with Forcefield, I discovered that
Forcefield doesn't recognize Seamonkey. Firefox 2 OK; Seamonkey 1 not
OK. I was fooled by all the ads and notifications that said, more less,
"forcefield protects your browser!", thinking they meant *my* browser
and not someone else's.

I've asked ZA tech support about getting Forcefield to work, or if they
knew when Seamonkey will be supported, but no answer yet.

I have absolutely no knowledge of this version, and no first hand
knowledge of ZA, but I have never known of a firewall that does not
allow the user to select which applications have access, and which do

I am quite sure the ZA tech's will be able to guide you as to how to
allow an application that is not auto recognized.

In fact I would question the wisdom of a firewall that is making these
decisions for you. I will bet there is a setting that will force it to
ask you for each application, allowing to decide for each application
as it tries to access the internet.

Please let us know how the ZA techs respond.

It's not a matter of access to the internet, which might be easier to
fix. Forcefield is just an additional part of ZA security suite. It
appears to run the browser in it's own "virtual" machine (approximately,
not an exact description), so malware can not affect your machine, only
the virtual one. When you terminate the Forcefield protected session,
everything is gone - malware, cookies, disk files (wiped, apparently,
not just deleted). I assume you can deliberately save some things.

Seamonkey still works perfectly, Za just won't run it in the "virtual"
space provided by Forcefield. I'll let you know what ZA says. I'm hoping
they will provide for it, since the Forcefield approach sounds like a
useful one.

Thank you for that, and I am sorry if I have muddied the waters. I will be most interested in what the ZA techs have to say. It does sound like an interesting concept, perhaps there is some way you can add SeaMonkey to the list.

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