On 03/13/2009 05:05 PM, Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
> Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
>> Gary, Many-thanks for that extensive-testing.
>> My profuse-apologies.. My bad!
>> Deleting system-install and installing /home/user/ was unsuccessful, 
>> but BASH reported problems with the Lightning-extension.
>> Temporarily-uninstalling Lightning restored full demarcated 
>> print-preview/printing to both PDF and ps (printer).
>> I assume Lightning will need to integrate with aBook/Contacts, for 
>> appointments and notifications, etcetera.
>> Appreciated the assistance (and impetus). Barry.
> Temporarily-disabling Lightning via Add-on-Manager, restores 
> aBook/Contact print/print-preview, so uninstalling is unnecessary.

Ah... thanks for the followup. Have you actually got lightning working
in 2.0b1pre? I get a:
"Lightning 1.0pre could not be installed because it is not compatible
with SeaMonkey 2.0a3"

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