Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
Ron wrote:
On 3/14/2009 8:03 PM, JoeS wrote:
On 3/14/2009 3:54 PM, Ron wrote:
Hi. Thunderbird, in an older version, use to automatically collapse
folderpane news server so it would only update the groups when
after opening. I can't seem to do this in 3.0b2, they stay open
I tried adding "news.persist_server_open_state_in_folderpane"
setting it
to true, no luck. I'd like for these to be collapsed automatically
closing TB. Thanks for any help.

The whole mechanism for displaying the folderpane is new for TB3 (Not
RDF but JS)
It seems you can collapse them manually, but opening no longer

ASFAIK there is no way to revert to the previous behavior.
You would have to file an enhancement request bug for that.

I agree that the expanded folderpane is now pretty cluttered if you
a lot of groups.


OK, thanks. FWIW, closing then expanding the tree does initiate message
downloads for me.

It does so on SM 2.0a3 as well, I would suspect it should be the same


thats because SM is taking on the behaviour and feel of FF and TB.

Indeed, I understand that. I have been running SM 2.0a3 for about a week and half, and I think this is going to be a great release.

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