Bill Davidsen wrote:
I rather expected it to reformat flowed paragraphs.

It doesn't seem to do that, if I insert some test in
a line, the line gets broken, but rewrap doesn't
rebreak the lines selected. For example the lines at
the top were selected and rewrapped.

I assume it has some useful function, but it isn't
obvious. Yes, tried in both text and html modes.

no, if the line goes on and on and on in one straight
line, instead of going to the next one, then you click on the rewrap and it will wrap them.

Further, it only wraps things to your line settings: Edit, Preferences, Mail & Newsgroups, Composition, and the 4th line. For instance, mine is set at 55 character, so line wrapping worked on your message, because your line went beyond 55 characters.

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