Leonidas Jones wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
Margo Guda wrote:
I am running SM 2.0apre03 and the browser seems fine, but getting mail &
news to open is a pain, and often one window only opens after I force a
second one. It can take a long time.
Once it's up it's fine.
I notice in my profile there is after every session a file,
places.sqlite_journal, with size 0.
Any ideas?


If you are running a build with a pre in it, that is a nightly. 2.0a3
has been released, why not try that and see if the problem continues.

I do notice that Mail/News takes a while to open on 2.0a3, but I also
have a very complicated Mail/News/RSS profile, so I am kind of used to
that. How long is long? Try creating a test profile, and see if the
problem continues there once you have set up an account or two.

places.sqlite s where your bookmarks and history are now stored. I
haven't looked in my profile to find places.sqlite-journal, but I
imagine its a part of writing new additions to places.sqlite. If there
were not any new additions, it would make sense to have a size of 0.


I just closed and reopened 2.0a3. I clicked on the Mail icon in the
component bar, Mail/News opened up in about 10 seconds. That's a little
slow, but not unmanageable.


It takes minutes, not seconds. At least ten of them, last I tried. I will go get the 20a3 as you suggest, and report back. Thanks.

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