BeeNeR wrote:
On or about 3/19/2009 7:53 PM, stan typed the following:
When I go to this site:

The window looks like this:

Notice how the realtor info covers up details about the house.  It works
OK in IE and comes out with very small print.  I tried reducing my
minimum  print size in Preferences/Appearances/Fonts but it didn't
affect it.

Is there anything I can do?  Is it the site?


It's the site.  Same thing here with SM1.1.15.  Checked on W3C
and it has 138 errors.  Might want to complain to the webmaster.


before you complain to the webmaster, know a few things:

it works for FF 3.0.7, but not FF, so I'm going to make a guess that it also works in SM 2.

it also doesn't work in k-meleon, which is based on FF 2 code, which SM 1.1.x is also based on.

Therefore, only my guess, its something to do with old coding that these programs are using that the site doesn't work with.

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