Leonidas Jones wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Margo Guda wrote:

Leonidas Jones wrote:
Leonidas Jones wrote:
Margo Guda wrote:
I am running SM 2.0apre03 and the browser seems fine, but getting
mail &
news to open is a pain, and often one window only opens after I
force a
second one. It can take a long time.
Once it's up it's fine.
I notice in my profile there is after every session a file,
places.sqlite_journal, with size 0.
Any ideas?


If you are running a build with a pre in it, that is a nightly. 2.0a3
has been released, why not try that and see if the problem continues.

I do notice that Mail/News takes a while to open on 2.0a3, but I also
have a very complicated Mail/News/RSS profile, so I am kind of used to
that. How long is long? Try creating a test profile, and see if the
problem continues there once you have set up an account or two.

places.sqlite s where your bookmarks and history are now stored. I
haven't looked in my profile to find places.sqlite-journal, but I
imagine its a part of writing new additions to places.sqlite. If there
were not any new additions, it would make sense to have a size of 0.


I just closed and reopened 2.0a3. I clicked on the Mail icon in the
component bar, Mail/News opened up in about 10 seconds. That's a little
slow, but not unmanageable.


It takes minutes, not seconds. At least ten of them, last I tried. I
will go get the 20a3 as you suggest, and report back. Thanks.


does SM 2 have hostperm.1? Its located in the SM profile. If so, then
close SM and remove it. Did that work?

Not that I can see.


Thanks all. I have found what may have been causing the problem, and taken some steps. It seems one of my older extensions was doing this. I have disabled it for the time being and now the wait is bearable again. (It was the forecast fox plugin that uses the status bar to give a series of icons for weather news). I had installed the nightly tester tools and at some point used that to enable the use of all plugins.
THat one I've also temporarily disabled.

In reading through some of the responses I'm getting more questions. If boookmarks.html is still storing my bookmarks, what is the function of places.sqlite? And yes, I have a hostperm.1. It's very large. What is it? (I have not yet removed it).

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