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John Reinders wrote:

I have attached a link to a .jpg showing an Avg error message that my Dad is periodically getting. Sometimes every morning after he turns on his computer and opens Seamonkey, sometimes every other day - not consistent.

I have run multiple scans of his system using Avg, also Malware programs including MVT and the the one from Microsoft, and AdAware and have found nothing. His system seems to be running fine...

Here is the link...


Any thoughts? He is running an older version of Seamomkey.. 1.1.7 or 1.1.8, can't remember for sure. I will be upgrading him this weekend to the most current version.

Thanks, John

First, make sure all AV and Windows updates are installed.

It is highly possible that the "virusthreat" is actually THE VIRUS
that is attempting to get you to click on it!!!  Do not click on
the "close" - I have never seen such a message from AVG, which I
use and like.

I have seen "Web shield alert" messages, and I always close them from the top right "X" even if I don't think using the close button is dangerous. That message is from AVG. ;)

Anyway, when searching for the file mentioned in the alert message, I found this:


The page is about "LuckySploit", a "crimeware toolkit" and explains how it works. "LuckySploit brings code obfuscation to a whole new level of sophistication, far more advanced than all others we have seen so far".

From the explanation I can understand why the antimalware softwares can't find any trace of it on the computer after AVG has given the alert.

Also, be sure to PURGE THE CACHE of SeaMonkey.

In this case it's the best advice, since nothing could be found. What makes AVG given the alert is when some "harmless" looking script on a page in the cache is connecting to the server that compromised the website you have visited and cached!

Just my 2c if what you can read from my link makes any sence. ;)

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