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On 03/21/2009 07:49 AM, John Reinders wrote:

I have attached a link to a .jpg showing an Avg error message that my Dad is periodically getting. Sometimes every morning after he turns on his computer and opens Seamonkey, sometimes every other day - not consistent.

I have run multiple scans of his system using Avg, also Malware programs including MVT and the the one from Microsoft, and AdAware and have found nothing. His system seems to be running fine...

Here is the link...

Any thoughts? He is running an older version of Seamomkey.. 1.1.7 or 1.1.8, can't remember for sure. I will be upgrading him this weekend to the most current version.

Thanks, John

In addition to what others have mentioned:

You'll find it listed here:
2009/03/15_00:00 -       
Sergei A Mozailo (

[Not so lucky(sploit) mass defacements]

That is a nasty one; nothing to do with SeaMonkey though - AVG is merely
identifying the process that is using it. Have your dad turn off
javascript until you get it cleaned out. Good luck in cleaning that up.
Novirusthanks lists the files & registry keys that should be removed.
However, if AVG is identifying it, then hopefully you should be able to
use AVG to remove it. Try the AVG forums as well.

Thanks a million! Gee this is scary stuff, what a world we live in! Will keep you posted on how we make out. Might be helpful to someone else later on...

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