Al Smith schrieb:
People on Usenet are telling me that my attributions for posts to
newsgroups are screwed up. I made a change to my personal settings
in Seamonkey a while and a couple of versions ago, but I can't
remember what I did -- that may or may not be the culprit. I tried
switching to Thunderbird, but people tell me the problem with my
Usenet post attributions is still there.

Could anyone tell me exactly which Seamonkey settings files I need
to erase so that anything I may have done to screw things up will be
corrected? I want to go back to ground zero with Seamonkey, without
losing my e-mail files.


Then backup your profile directory, uninstall seamonkey, delete the program-directory and the profile dirctory at it'S default place.
Install Seamonkey, create your email-account(s) again and close SM.

Then open your new profile directory and copy the mail-files (inbox, sent, etc) from your old backup-profile over the empty ones in the newly created profile.

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