Thanks Peter - that's indeed an option, for, as posted "when sending
formatted messages and one or more recipients are not listed as being
able to receive HTML".  However, if you don't fill in any HTML or
PlainText Domains, then, regardless of which of the 4 settings you
choose from that menu, Seamonkey will STILL convert messages composed
in HTML to plain text if it doesn't see any reason to leave them in
HTML.  Try it yourself.   I'm sorry to be getting testy, but this
thread started with an affirmation of the problems, and an agreement
from developers that it existed.  It continues with, no offense, over
a dozen armchair, foundationless "oh, I don't think that's really a
problem" postings, that I then have to respond to so that the
developers are assured there is an issue here, which there surely

Guys,  really, my apologies for pushing back, but regardless of what
settings you pick, on any menu, SM will convert Email composed in HTML
to plain text if there is nothing in the message that makes it think
it has to use HTML, unless, on a per message basis, you select options-
format-> rich text.

All I'm asking is for an option (even just an about: setting) that
disables the conversion,and sends HTML messages in HTML all the time.

Thanks for listening, and sorry to be grouchy

no, you're wrong on that account. If you select one of those settings, then it will be sent as html regardless if you have the receiver set to receive plain text or html. This will over-ride any and all settings you have. You don't even need to add domains.

If you have the setting selected as send html regardless, then thats exactly what will be sent. If you have send in html and plain text selected, then thats exactly what will be sent, a message in both html and plain text. Thats the setting I have and I've never had a problem whatsoever.

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