jim wrote:
> Thanks for Your Replies Peter & Rinaldi. No Luck.!. One gets this popup 
> Alert ,ie after I provide the Requested User name & Password !. (wish 
> this News/grp could take Attaches).The Pop up says. A news(NNTP)error 
> occurred:-ERR jmk...@annexcafe.com not present or Password correct.Were 
> Sorry,Your ip address Has been banned.Regards jim .PS I changed my 
> password recently.How can one inform Annexcafe re this ?

Same thing happened here.  I got the following boilerplate from annexcafe:
Sorry you're having problems, you should simply be able to re-enter your
username/password into your newsreader following the instructions here:

Windows Live Mail:  http://www.annexcafe.com/windowslivemail.cfm
Thunderbird:  http://www.annexcafe.com/thunderbird.cfm
OE & Window Mail:  http://www.annexcafe.com/newshelp.cfm

If you've forgotten your password:

Retrieve Password:  http://www.annexcafe.com/accounts/getpassword.cfm

Any further problems, don't hesitate to ask

OBO Adminteam

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