1)  I obviously cannot send you a sample.txt file for an INTERMITTENT

2) We both agree that, for example, if I write a message in Comic Sans
MS, and want my messages to go out IN THAT FONT (because that's the
way I like people to see my messages), there's no way to do that



Sorry .... i did not have any problem - all is perfect ....
If you cannot sent me a sample.txt file for testing, i will close this

But, j, I might not have Comic Sans MS installed on my computer, so either I don't see your message at all or, in my set-up, I might have it set up that any request for Comic Sans Ms is substituted by Wingdings!

What you want does not determine how a person sees your message, so why not leave it all up to them, and their set up, and just send your messages in plain text?!?!

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