Bill Spikowski wrote:
My "Inbox.msf" file is about 3KB but my "Inbox" file is over 1 GB.
I keep NO messages in the inbox; whatever comes in gets filtered to other folders.

What's in the 1GB file?
I have a similar situation with the "Drafts" file -- over 1 GB, but there's nothing in it....

Bill, when you receive mail, it all goes into the "inbox". The "inbox.msf" is the index file for "inbox".

When you delete an email or move it to another folder, a copy(original) stays in the "inbox" file, just you don't see it. To get ride of all the hidden emails, select File->Compact Folders and all the old messages will be removed, just leaving those that you want to stay in the "inbox". Note:- if you have sub-folders of your inbox, they will also be taking up space, and this may show up as "inbox" space as well!!


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