Daniel wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Daniel wrote:

Peter, on odd occasions, I receive an email from someone that is not
in my address book, and I need to reply!

If I just click "Reply", add my reply, and hit send, when I next
check my address book, that address will appear with the email
address entered as both the email address AND the name (I usually
then go into the address book and change the name to something useful!).

why not right click on the email address and select "add to address

Yes, I could do that.....IF I THINK OF IT AT THE TIME!! But I usually
don't think weather a person is already in my address book or not, I
just reply, and fix things, if needed, some time later!!


As do I, but if the address is not being added to the AB, this is another option. Also good if you don't want to reply right away, but want to ensure that the address is in the AB anyway.


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