Happy Birthday!

Check out the chart on the birthday blog at http://quality.mozilla.org/story/one-year-thunderbird-bugdays

To celebrate the first year of weekly bugdays for Thunderbird we are organizing a two day bugday (both on a Thursday) with a very special rule - *an incentive*. If you come and participate to the bug day and update at least two bugs we will assist you on one of your *mail-related* bugs (giving it triage love - trying to find a solution or a workaround for the bug). The first day will be running this Thursday, 2009-04-02!

Now is the perfect time to join the Thunderbird QA team as Thunderbird 3.0 is approaching. You'll be participating in making sure that 3.0 becomes the best release of Thunderbird - *you'll feel that the program you use daily is a bit more yours*.

The team has posted detailed instructions on what needs to be done, where to get help, and bugs that need attention at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Thunderbird:QA_TestDay:2009-04-02 and there is an "Attend Event" link at http://quality.mozilla.org/events/2009/apr/02/operation-2-1-celebrating-one-year-thunderbird-bugday-day-2 (note, due to a bug, the date is incorrectly listed as April 1. Bugday is indeed *April 2* ... no fooling)
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