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I can see how it is confusing, although I agree with the method. Most of us write a message and send it off. I compose in HTML and I have a serif font as my default. I have my settings set to send in HTML to specific people in my AB, and because my sig file is an HTML file, it's sent that way.

But if I don't have any specific HTML elements and I am composing in HTML mode, TB is taking the privilege to send the message as it sees fit, since there aren't any HTML elements included.

I would agree that if the user has the settings to compose in HTML, it should be sent in HTML, EVEN if there is only a font setting as the default.

Terry R.
How can i (as you said) compose in HTML if there is NOTHING in HTML ?
If there is nothing in HTML, SM have the right to send it in plain text.... because it's a plain-text text.

Simple. You have two ways to compose messages, in Plain Text or HTML. Read what I said about the rest. And I disagree. A client doesn't have the RIGHT to send it plain text when the user is in the HTML mode composing a message. If they wanted to send in PT, they would COMPOSE in PT.

If you want that we try your problem ...tell us step by step how to get
your "the blank line is MISSING. " symptom.

It's not my problem.

Terry R.
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