Rob Steinmetz wrote:

I went through each mail folder and sub-folder under the account and under local folders. I can open every folder and access it. After opening every folder If I try to "Get MEssages" I still get a message that the folder is being processed.

Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Rob Steinmetz wrote:
I have one machine whihc just decided it was always process in the Inbox, even when Seamonkey is first loaded after a reboot.

I can't figure out what is stopping it from downloading email.

Other machines can get email from the same account.

Ideas anyone?

click on each and every folder you have.  Did that work?

Shut down Seamonkey. Then, try deleting the .msf file for the Inbox you're talking about in your Profiles mail folder. Then re-start Seamonkey. See if that works.
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