Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
SM 1.1.14 on a Win98se system.
I have two email accounts and several news servers defined in my
one profile. The first, and default, email account is my ISP, POP,
account. The second is my IMAP account at the university.
When I start SM, I am automatically connected to my default email
account. After I am finished with the mail reading on this account
and connect/log-on-to my second account,
how do I disconnect SM from the first email account?
The same question arises about disconnecting from either of the
mail servers when I connect to one of the news servers ... et.c.
I.e. How do I, from within SM, control the individual connections
of SM to the various servers defined under a profile.

when its finished downloading your messages, then its automatically disconnected, until its time to check again. Look under Server Settings.

Well, on my ISPs POP account, Server settings, I have checked only:
 check for new messages at logon,  and leave messages on server
until I delete them
On the IMAP account, Server settings, I have nothing checked:

Yet I keep getting pop-ups about having new email messages,
and if I click on Get Messages I am NOT prompted for my passwords.
I.e. I am still logged on i.e. still connected.
Moreover checking via the program Netstat the connection to the
IMAP server stays ESTABLISHED while the connections to the other
servers do appear and disappear.
So what might be triggering the automatic checking of the POP

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