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I like bright text on a dark background. However, I'm constantly getting emails that specify the foreground color but don't specify the background color, yielding dark text on a dark background. Or, some sites specify the background and don't specify the text foreground, thus yielding bright text on bright background. Neither of these situations is exactly in the nice category. Perhaps I just don't know how to do it -- but currently the only solution I know of to handle this problem is to rummage through edit:preferences:appearances:colors... and that takes awhile.

IMHO it'd be a real help if there was a three-state button: default (current) behavior, change text color to bright, change text color to dark (where the bright/dark colors would be selectable).

Hopefully this can be done already -- any clues on how to do it? Would this be a Good Thing for seamonkey 2?

Chip Campbell

you can always file a request for this on bugzilla:

Or, learn about editing certain files, like the userContent.css file. Here you would add the following script for html messages:

div.moz-text-html {
background-color: green ! important;
color: red !important;
font-size: 120px !important;}

The background color would be green, the font will be red and the font-size will be very big.

For text messages, you'd need this script:

div.moz-text-flowed, div.moz-text-plain  {
background-color: white !important; }

and you can change the colors or fonts to whatever you want.

Or, better yet, get yourself the addon Stylish: Editing the UserContent.css file will force you to close and restart SM, but with Stylish, it works [almost] instantly.

The best thing about SeaMonkey is if you don't like something, then change it.

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