Hi There.

Anybody have a few spare nanoseconds to look at this (incomplete) list
of PageInfo bugs that need to be triaged and possibly closed?

Note for those of you in m.s.seamonkey these bugs need to be tested
against current trunk nightlies e.g. SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre since the Page
Info implementation was totally rewritten since 1.1 and some of these
bugs may not apply anymore.




73992   Page Info dialog should support Dublin Core metadata

76250   enable Page Info menu item in View Source

80556   Definitive page load sizes.
  121616        Page info reports wrong size for compressed pages
  145877        Page info, Size and Modified are not listed for pages
displayed from file://

81202   view|page info should show HTTP headers
--->(Extension fodder e.g. LiveHTTPHeaders)

81657   The page info does not have a close button

82930   Show info on file before it downloaded.

87408   Page info should display the form data posted to a page

91758   No menus or keyboard shortcuts work when Page Info window has focus

103704  Page Info: More info and navigable links

112041  Cookies details from page info
--->(Extension fodder e.g. Cookie View)

117353  Show underlying frames as hyperlinks in "Page Info"
--->(Extension fodder e.g. View Frames)

122243  [RFE] Do not select first row by default in "Media"

123524  list only different images/all in page order - switch

123525  show image in its original size toggle + scrollbars

123635  RFE: URL's in Page Info should have tooltips

131080  Request font and style and pt size to be added to page info

133884  "Source" in Page Info lies (almost always says "Disk Cache")

136535  Closing Page Info will crash afrer selecting Java object which
parent page isn't displayed in browser
--->(Needs new test case. WFM? INCOMPLETE? Do we show java applets these

137733  transparent image with white text on it falls into background

140108  The "Page Info" Dialog should have a "Server" Tab

141714  Option to save all links in page info as html

143951  rows with broken content in Page Info Media tab should be emphased

144245  Security tab should not be visible if no security info is available

145552  View -> Page Info should show anchor names of page
--->(Extension fodder e.g. Named Anchors)

157724  [RFE] Page Info -> Forms -> Fields



76170   Add column sort for page info

92629   Page Info does not send referrer for uncached images (media panel)

122239  [RFE] Add "Reload" and "Force Reload" to "Media" section
  123784        button for refresh Page Info

132182  Page Info Media tab doesn't work when nodeName == null

135901  Media - some image info provided by NN4.x is still missing
--->(anything still missing? that we want?)

142373  "Show page info" has inconsistent behavior when applied to framesets

150899  flash object has 100%px dimensions (new test case needed)

154359  [FIX] Add 'almost standards' mode to Page Info

155470  Background color of transparent PNG turns black

156734  embed objects not shown in page info preview

157404  Scroll bars in page info are not correctly resized


There are still some more that I haven't looked through yet; but I'll do
that in another thread.

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