Steve B. wrote:
I there any easy way to capture email addresses from the CC list on an incoming email into a text format?

The hard way is to add each address to my address book, export the address list as a comma delimited file than use a work processor to convert to one per line



It all depends on what you consider 'easy'...

If you open the message that has the email addresses you want to capture, then click on 'view/message source', you will see a To: with a list of all the email addresses, one per line, with a comma after each one.

This list can be copied and pasted into a word processor to be cleaned up - removing tabs, <> characters, etc., (find and replace makes this easier) then saved as a .txt file.

Go to address book, tools, import, address book, text file, and import your cleaned up list. It will appear as a separate address book with the name you gave to the text file. If you want to integrate it into your existing address books, just move the names where you want them.

There might be yet an easier way, which I would love to see.

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