Garrett Czmor wrote:
$irVivor & ┬žire├čird wrote:
Some two thirds of my bookmarks suddenly vanished last night for no
apparent reason. I'd been looking at a site I've used dozens of times before (IMDB),
closed SeaMonkey, opened it again a few minutes later to check
another regular site (BBC News) - and suddenly realised that most of
my bookmarks weren't there any more. I had hoped they'd be back this morning when I booted up but no such
luck :((
Any quick and easy way to get them back short of reinstalling
SeaMonkey or changing to Firefox, please?

Ever since downloading the new version of SeaMonkey, I have had problems . The other day, SeaMonkey completely re-installed itself and all my saved websites were gone. In fact, I had to set up a new account as if this was my first time. My addresses were still there. This morning everything was working good. A few hours later, I checked my mail and a box pops up and say connection refused. I kept trying then I got connection timed out. I could send mail but not get any.

That was a Verizon problem. We had the same problem a few days ago in SE Washington State. Sorry, can't help with the other problems!
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