Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Kevin McCormick wrote:
I upgraded, on Linux platform. Now it won't work on ebay or some other sites. Won't follow the "Next" link or show the "View list as" ordering choices. Seems to be something wrong with scripts. Back to 1.1.15.


everything works fine for me one those sites. What scripts?

It was the "Sort" link, where they give a little pop-up list to let you reorder the list of items. Well, I thought maybe I needed to upgrade java, so I downloaded the jdk-6u13-i586-1.tgz package for slackware and upgraded my existing 6.11 jdk. Now the problems seem to have gone away. So I'm writing this from seamonkey-mail right now.

Now I'm getting an error box saying "There was an error sopying this to your Sent folder" Maybe my IMAP settings aren't quite right. I'll check that.
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