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Is it me or is Facebook have problems with SeaMonkey v1.1.6's Web browser? It seems to get slow, especially when expanding and typing in comments. Like right now, I can see seamonkey.exe RAM usage is over 400 MB!

Thank you in advance. :)

Ironic, this came up: "Please Read This!
You need to upgrade your browser.

You're using an older version of Firefox to browse Facebook right now. Facebook will work better for you if you upgrade to newest version of Firefox.

Upgrade your version of Firefox >>"

Um, I am not using Firefox. :P

I have Prefbar installed and added a Firefox 3.0.3 User Agent. Facebook doesn't like SM 1.1.16 and doesn't like FF 3.0.3. Spoofing FF, I can see all my notifications and online friends list.

The folks at Facebook definitely need to learn how to build a browser neutral page and stop sniffing!

Yeah, I sent a bug report to Facebook about SeaMonkey misidentification. Let's see if they actually do something!

If you don't have the Prefbar installed, it's a nice addition to SeaMonkey:


I do use Prefbar. :)
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