On 4/27/2009 12:57 PM, Tom Wyant wrote:
> It appears to me that the setting "Allow cookies for the originating
> website only" is ineffective under Sea Monkey 1.1.16. When I clear
> cookies and then surf to http://www.ideastations.org/wcve_tvschedule.html
> I see cookies from "ideastations.org" and "pbs.org". Firefox 3.0.9
> rejects the latter. Neither browser has an exception for "pbs.org". I
> also have "Accept for current session only" set.
> Or is it Firefox that's wrong? Or is this somehow a 1d10t error?
> Thanks,
> Tom Wyant

The cited Web page loads scripts from www.pbs.org.  The cookies are
loading with the scripts.

While this might be fixed in SeaMonkey 2.x, I'm not sure whether the
cited page will then be functional.  The scripts might require the

David E. Ross

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