NoOp wrote:
On 05/01/2009 06:38 AM, Benoit Renard wrote:
NoOp wrote:
For best web page rendering I'd recommend the pre-released 2.0
You shouldn't recommend an alpha version to an end user. All kinds of funky things might (and do) occur.

Perhaps. But the link I provided does include a bright warning:
Warning! The SeaMonkey version for download on this page is a
testing-only preview of the next generation of our Internet suite.
Please test it carefully, it's not yet in a state where we can encourage
you to use it for daily browsing and mail operations.
For daily use, we strongly advise you to download the current stable
release instead.

And Karl stated:
I'm finding it won't render many newer webpages properly. Would the current version of SeaMonkey work on this system? If not which version would be best?

For page rendering 2.0x _is_ the better choice IMO. I've also switched
all of my systems (with the exception of 2 test systems) over to 2.x, as
even with it's outstanding issues/bugs, I find it *considerably* better
overall than 1.1.1x. Again my opinion.  But I get your point & do
conceed that 1.1.16 is probably the safer choice for most new users...
  However, in this case Karl is running "Mozilla 1.7.3" - SM 2.0x will
install in parallel to his existing version and, therefore he should be
able to fall back to/switch to his current version without issue.
Further he's running an unsupported version to begin with:
The Mozilla Suite is no longer supported and is affected by several
known vulnerabilities fixed in newer Mozilla-based products. All users
are urged to upgrade to a supported product such as Firefox or SeaMonkey.
Why bother with installing a lame duck from a non-supported version at
this stage?

Why not creating a version without "vulnerabilities" ... i'ts ennoying to always upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade ...
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